Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome to My Brain

Allure of Darkness

I always told my mom that I didn't like happy-go-lucky movies. I just prefer the darker side of things. Horror and comedy's where I thrive.

Maybe that's why I write such dark material. I doubt it though. I just bask in that area.

I love it.

Full Circle

I've been dog-sitting for two weeks. His name is Kovu and he's a really bad but sweet puppy. His name reminded me of something. It reminded of the first not so good lion with bad intentions that I loved as a kid. You remember Kovu, right? The kind of shady character from the second Lion King movie.

Kovu was my first "bad boy" crush.  Lol. I mean, he saved Kiara (even though it was a trap set by his evil mother).

Though they were from two different worlds, they were just meant to be.

Love is powerful,  even if it's fictional.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back to Work

I have to go back to writing now.

But that's okay because writing feels like this to me.

It's Just Me

So I just finished reading this really popular book, which I will not name. The book itself wasn't all that bad.  I just never totally understood mainstream. As I was reading, I kept waiting for something extraordinary to never happened.  That's the thing about hype: It hypes you up for nothing.  Instead of feeling good because I read an okay book, I felt a lot like this ...

That being said, I sort of liked it slash not really slash I did finish it cover-to-cover. What does that say about me?

I rarely enjoy commercial things anymore. Sometimes I force myself to see reason and go along with whatever the new trend is, which leaves me feeling like...

But I think wanting to blend and belong is human nature.

Message of today: It's okay to be different and it's okay to like what other people like. Just be yourself,  I guess.