Sunday, December 14, 2014


It's my birthday day.
So here's to me being a massive Beyonce fan.
And here's to balloons and cake.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Destiny or Curse

If she's willing to wade across the ocean for him and he's willing to hike across the desert for her, then they are destined to be.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fire and Ice

There was once a boy made out of fire and a girl made out of ice. The flame flet nice to the girl made out of ice. But the flame burnt too bright. The boy made out fire loved the girl made out of ice. Though he had to think twice, for his love of ice did not suffice. A simple touch melts the girl of ice. The girl of ice and the boy of fire can never be one with their desire. Alone in the world they both shall wander. Never to look back again. Or even ponder.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Did I tell you I loved you today?

I love you more than life.
I love you more than rice.
(And I really don't like rice.)
I love you because you're nice.
I love you because you're sweet like pie.
(And I really like pie.)
I love you until I die.
I LOVE my handful of readers so so much!
You push me to become better.
For that, I promise to continue to write and work on my craft until it's flawless like all of you.
You deserve nothing but the best of me.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


She is their pinup girl. She is their living, breathing doll. She is whatever they need her to be. They raised her. They dressed her. They trained her. They held her on a high silver  pedestal.  They loved her. They protected her. They defended her.  But there is a problem... she is not as nice or decent as she appears. Underneath her sweet beauty queen facade, underneath the layer of pretty and glitter is a jagged, frigid girl no one but her two heroes could ever love or understand.
Underneath it all, she is a feisty wild huntress and the dirtiest of sinners. But most importantly, she is theirs and they knew how sharp her shards were before she did. She loves them for that. They taught her how to play their games. How to entertain their darkest fantasies. Now she is a professional. Now she is more than a participant. Now she is the game itself. She is something to be won. She is something to be lost. She more than loves that.
Meet her:

 He is their knight. He is their hero. He provided for them. He saved them. He sacrificed for them. He gave them a safe placed called home. He raised them. He loved them. He taught them right from wrong. He parented them. But underneath the noble man is someone so far from honorable it scares him. Underneath his wholesome attitude and clean clothes is a monster of sorts. Underneath his respectable reputation is a freakish deviant no one could love but her. He is made perfectly for her. But like anything of value he could lose her. He takes that chance just to be near her.
Meet him:

He is their warrior. He is their rebel. He is their bad boy. He is their fighter. He gave them the world. He gave them something to believe in. He gave them a champion. He was the boy your parents warned you about. Unlike the others, he doesn't care enough to hide behind a polite mask. He doesn't need tattoos or piercings or a motorcycle to advertise how much of bad-ass delinquent he is. He is her dark prince. He is her beast. He rips her apart and puts her back together again for his own enjoyment. He has no intentions to ever change. He has no plans to ever be tamed. He is an undomesticated wildling. He is a savage. He is her feral animal. She accepts him for who he is. He takes any and every thing she has to offer. He feasts on her body and misery. He relishes in her pleasure. He gets her dirty a lot. She is not his princess. She is his wicked whore of hearts. He hopes she stays just a filthy as he gets her.
Meet him:

Meet the most dysfunctional family you have ever met...
Good/Bad Girl with wicked thoughts.
Wholesome Big Brother with great morals and sinful ways.
Irrational Rebellious Bad Boy with nothing to hide and everything to lose.